Wednesday, May 14, 2014

2013 End Of The Year Awards- Biggest Surprise- We're The Millers

Honestly, I had low expectations for this, and the early mixed reaction was a big turn off for me. But I couldn't stop laughing throughout We're The Millers.

A cast with excellent chemistry? Yep. We're The Millers succeeds as a comedy, because you can buy into The Miller Family as a functioning (towards the end) and dysfunctional "family". Emma Roberts (Casey) is spot on, as the rebellious teenage punk, and you can buy into her act as the rambunctious and uncensored daughter.

Will Poulter (Kenny) is a believable nerd, and Jennifer Aniston delivers another enjoyable risque performance as the lone stripper (Rose) turned housewife/mother. If we're talking about the better "out of the comfort zone" performance for Aniston, I prefer Aniston's Julia from Horrible Bosses, but that's another discussion for another time. Jason Sudeikis? You won't see any big changes, when David (Sudeikis) makes the change from a common drug dealer to an RV driving dad/father. But Sudeikis is capable of pulling some laughs out of you, as the frustrated sleazebag, who's trying to save his own skin.

The story is predictable, and you can see David's change of heart revelation coming from a mile away, but We're The Millers produces consistent laughs. It's a hilarious story about a group of pretenders embarking on a wild and whacky journey, but I'm uneasy about the planned sequel. More often than not, comedy sequels feel unnecessary, forced, or they're just awful films (Son Of The Mask, Be Cool, etc.) 

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