Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2013 End Of The Year Awards- Best Heroine- Erin- Sharni Vinson- You're Next

**This post contains spoilers**

The Davison Family ran into a series of nasty surprises during a seemingly harmless family dinner/wedding anniversary celebration. A group of invading maniacs wearing animal masks, Felix's (Nicholas Tucci) plot to murder his own family for money, Crispian's (AJ Bowen) involvement in Felix's plans....and Crispian's girlfriend, Erin (Sharni Vinson). At first, you see Crispian's nice and humble person, but as the story progresses, Erin emerges from the pack as a  fierce heroine.

Who takes a stand in the fight against the masked mercenaries? Well, if you guessed the police or a team of special forces, you're wrong. A fearless and cunning Erin systematically exterminates Felix's hired goons one by one.

Erin is a refreshing change for the lone female survivor in horror films. She's not running around, while looking for a place to hide in fear, and screaming to the top of her lungs every five seconds. Erin sets deadly traps (remember the axe contraption over the front door?), she waits for the right moment to attack, and she's not afraid to stand and fight.

Resourceful, smart, strong, and she won't blink at the sight of blood and dismembered bodies? Yep, Erin is an easy pick for Best Heroine in 2013!

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