Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2013 End Of The Year Awards- Best Hero- Tony Stark/Iron Man- Robert Downey, Jr.- Iron Man 3

Another year, another Iron Man film, and RDJ is still on top of his game as Tony Stark/Iron Man. Although, you'll see a broken version of Stark in Iron Man 3 because he's struggling to comprehended the events in New York and move on after The Avengers.

To make matters worse, he's trying to balance a tense relationship with his girlfriend, Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow). Oh, and he's on a collision course for a deadly battle with The Mandarin (I know, and no, I didn't forget about the "twist").

Downey, Jr.'s charismatic charm and snappy sense of humor is fresh in the third installment for the Iron Man series, but RDJ shows a believable conflicted side for Tony Stark. He's rattled, shaken, and Stark is contemplating retirement, because he's stuck at the crossroads. He can take a serious risk for losing the love of his life (Pepper), if he continues the double life style as Iron Man, so walking away from a world that needs protection from ruthless super villains is not an easy decision.

It's hard to ignore RDJ as Iron Man/Tony Stark, when you sit and down run through lists for heroes (or superheroes). Bottom line, Downey, Jr. hits another home run, and you can't ignore his streak of consistency for quality performances.

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