Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2013 End Of The Year Awards- Best Superhero/Superheroine Film- Iron Man 3

This is my first year with End Of The Year Awards, but I'm leaning towards an "either-or" pick for Best Superhero and Superheroine Film, because the competition (or lack there of) for superheroine films is non-existent 98% of the time.

Again, it's my first year with the awards, I'm trying to figure things out, so there's a chance for a change in 2014. Now let's talk about Iron Man 3!

The controversial Mandarin twist is a "love or hate" clincher for a lot of people, but Iron Man is a serious contender for the best Iron Man film in the franchise. Robert Downey, Jr. is still sharp as Tony Stark/Iron Man, and Downey, Jr. shares excellent chemistry with Gwyenth Paltrow.

I know the first thought that pops into your mind is "wait a minute Mitch.... RDJ and Paltrow sharing excellent chemistry in an Iron Man film? That's nothing new!" Yes, RDJ and Paltrow form a strong duo throughout the Iron Man series and The Avengers, but there's an overwhelming sense of dread for everything coming to an end in part 3.

Pepper is tired of Tony's antics, and Tony is stuck in a life-changing dilemma for his future. You can feel the hopelessness, the doubt, and the edge of the cliff  "make up your mind or I'm gone" ultimatums, because Downey, Jr. and Paltrow put everything on the line here with a pair of strong performances.

Iron Man 2 had a tough act to follow after the 2008 film, and the end result was a so-so at best sequel. Think about all the pressure and high expectations after The Avengers, and Iron Man returned with another juggernaut for summer blockbusters in 2013.

Usually, a franchise from any genre reaches or is close to an end of the line point after two films, and you'll hear the "too many sequels!" complaints. But Iron Man 3 leaves you wanting more after The Avengers. It's an impressive feat that deserves admiration and recognition. Dazzling action sequences and fight scenes, a top notch cast, and Iron Man solidifies its status as one of the most entertaining superhero franchises with another high quality film that's loaded with fun and lots of laughs.

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