Friday, October 18, 2013

Shark Night 3D(2011)(Minor Spoilers Review)

**This review contains MINOR spoilers, no character deaths, plot twists, or major reveals**

Nick (Dustin Milligan) is reluctant to accept an invitation for a vacation weekend, but Malik (Sinqua Walls) convinces Nick to change is mind. Taking a break from a heavy work load as students at Tulane University, Nick, Blake (Chris Zylka), Beth (Katharine McPhee), Gordon (Joel David Moore), Malik, and his girlfriend, Maya (Alyssa Diaz) visit Sara’s (Sara Paxton) vacation home in the Louisiana Gulf.

Along the way, Sara is forced to defuse a tense situation involving two locals named Red (Joshua Leonard) and Dennis (Chris Carmack) during a confrontation between Malik and Maya. Sheriff Sabin (Donal Logue) takes a trip down memory lane with Sara, and everything is quiet and peaceful at first. But a weekend of harmless fun takes a horrifying turn for the worst, when the group discovers sharks in the water……..

Looking for a set of refreshing characters? Well, you should look somewhere else, because you won’t find them in Shark Night. Nick is the shy nerd, who’s trying to pursue the hot and innocent blonde (Sara). Malik is the tough guy jock, Blake is the egotistical pretty boy, Gordon is the geek, who’s suppose to provide comic relief, and Beth is the promiscuous female in the group, who’s covered in tattoos. The characters in Shark Night are horribly generic, but at the same time, Paxton is the only one, who delivers an above average or mediocre performance.

The PG-13 rating caused a lot of complaints for Shark Night, because a lot of people believed (and still believe) a PG-13 environment restricted the gory stuff too much. Well, yeah I guess you could say Shark Night is tamed as far as blood and violence goes, but it’s not a big problem for me.

Although, we live in an age of  bloodthirsty horror fans now a days. The VAST majority of modern R rated horror films are loaded with bloody and disgusting gore, with dismembered body parts and chunks of flesh flying every where. I’m not trying to point any fingers, because I’m a gore fiend (and proud of it), but at the same time, I can still enjoy a horror film without gallons of blood and heads rolling every where. Plus, I can guarantee you most of the people (moviegoers and critics) complaining about the lack of blood and gore in this film are the same people, who would raise hell, if Shark Night was another senseless gore fest, using the “we’ve all seen this before” complaint. Yeah.

Shark Night 3D has enough stupid fun to satisfy the crowd that’s looking for a mindless joy ride. Making a smart horror film isn’t the goal here, because Shark Night takes an unrestrained approach to silliness and sporadic scenes of over the top mayhem. The lack of repulsive gore and blood will bother some horror fans, but Shark Night delivers a few jaw-dropping moments. Whether you hate it or love it, Shark Night 3D is gurranted to pull some “I can’t believe they just did that!” unintentional laughs out of you, and this one earned a spot on my list of guilty pleasures.

Rating: 5/10

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