Friday, October 11, 2013

Come Out & Play (2013)(Minor Spoilers Review)

**This review contains MINOR spoilers, no major secrets or plot twists**

During a vacation to Mexico, Francis (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) and his wife, Beth (Vinessa Shaw) run into some unexpected trouble on a small remote island.

After docking the boat, Francis and Beth wander the island for a peaceful visit, but instead, they cross paths with a group of seemingly harmless children. Francis and Beth eventually discover the horrifying secret behind the children and their motivations, forcing Francis and Beth into a deadly fight for survival.

A pair of solid performances from Bachrach and Shaw, and the children are appropriately creepy and menacing. The other adult characters in this film don’t receive a significant amount of screen time, so it’s not fair to judge their performances.

Come Out And Play is like Turistas meets Children Of The Corn, or Turistas meets Village Of The Damned. Unfortunately, Come Out And Play is very predictable and generic. They follow a step by step process: strangers (Francis and Beth) wander into quiet town, strangers realize something is wrong, but they don’t do anything about it at first. Strangers discover horrifying secret (in this case, hordes and hordes of killer kids and the dead bodies of adults), strangers look for a way to escape, but they can’t find a clear path (in this case, the kids are blocking the path to the boat) to any forms of transportation, or every vehicle is destroyed. Strangers fight back, but they’re out numbered, so they have to outsmart the bad guys.

Come Out And Play has the perfect creepy and eerie atmosphere (especially during the nighttime scenes). There’s an unsettling silence throughout the island, and the sporadic laughs from the children add the necessary chilling touch. Still, Come Out And Play is loaded with one too many formulaic elements, and when you strip this one down to the core, you’ll just find another run-of-the-mill horror/thriller.

Bottom line, Come Out And Play is a so-so remake of Who Can Kill A Child? Going with a reluctant positive score, because I didn’t hate Come Out And Play. And if you’re the squeamish type, you should avoid this one. Come Out And Play is loaded with graphic bloody gore, and the nasty stuff reaches extreme levels as the film progresses.

Rating: 5/10

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