Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The People VS George Lucas (2011)

This documentary gives Star Wars fans an in-depth look at the love/hate relationship most fans have with George Lucas. This documentary is a very thought provoking piece for Star Wars fans, because The People VS George Lucas raises that one question that’s always on every Star Wars fans mind: Is George Lucas taking advantage of us? This is a legitimate question, because we’ve been flooded with tons of Star Wars merchandise over the years (special edition VHS sets, special edition DVD sets, special edition Blu-Ray sets, toys, etc.). Most Star Wars fans (myself included) can be blind sheep sometimes, and we will buy anything that features the Star Wars label. Personally, I own two VHS sets of Episodes IV-VI, I own a special edition version of The Phantom Menace on VHS, and I have all six films on DVD.

Some Star Wars fans KNOW they’re being taken advantage of deep down inside, but these feelings don’t stop them from buying new merchandise over and over again. The outstanding sales numbers for the most recent Star Wars Blu-Ray set prove this theory, because most of these fans probably own each film on a different format (DVD or VHS). But the temptation of watching the greatest science-fiction saga of all time in clear and crisp HD might be too much to resist, and there’s always the promise of “new and never before seen bonus footage.” Then, there’s the upcoming theatrical 3D re-releases of all six films. Most Star Wars fans know the new 3D effects won’t bring anything special to the table, but they will STILL pay money to see all six films in theaters, because the experience of watching all six films on the big screen is too much to resist.

Some Star Wars fans are stuck in the middle. They love and respect George Lucas, because Star Wars has become apart of their lives, and for a lot of people, Star Wars provided some great childhood memories. But at the same time, these same fans feel like they’re being taken advantage of. They’re not happy with Lucas’ changes, and they see the constant re-releases as another way for George Lucas to make more money he doesn’t need. Then, there are those Star Wars fans, who just flat out hate George Lucas. They despise his changes to the older films (the altering of the Greedo/Han Solo scene in A New Hope, the addition of the Solo/Jabba The Hut scene, new CGI effects, etc.), because they believe George shouldn’t tamper with his classic masterpieces. This is how these fans feel, and most of them refuse to accept the new changes made for Episodes IV-VI. They treasure the original versions like pieces of gold, and they don’t want to let go of the past. These same people also loathe George Lucas the person. They see him as a greedy and stubborn business man, who doesn’t want to listen to his loyal and dedicated fanbase. This group of fans don’t want to think of Lucas as the creator of Star Wars and the filmmaker. In their eyes, he’s not the same man they admired and respected in the 70‘s and 80‘s, because a lot has changed over the years. Most of these fans hate the prequels (especially The Phantom Menace) with a burning passion, and they refuse to accept these films.

I’ve always thought the prequels received a lot of unjustified hate, and most people just love to bash these films, because they’re “not as good as the originals.” This line of thinking is just pure bullshit, and some Star Wars fans can be so close-minded.

The People VS George Lucas is an outstanding documentary, and this film is a MUST-SEE for all Star Wars fans. You just have to watch this film, if you love Star Wars, because this one will make you think about your loyalty to this famous and legendary film franchise. The People VS George Lucas is a thought provoking documentary, this one is filled with some great humor, and this documentary does feature a good amount of hilarious skits, parodies, and reenactments. This is a very informative film, the interview clips with George Lucas are just great, and this one does feature some very clever editing. Also, this wasn’t a lopsided documentary, and I really did appreciate the fair and unbiased approach here. They didn’t go out of their way to kiss George Lucas’ ass, and they also didn’t turn this into one gigantic hate filled mudslinging fest. Different points of view are showcased here, and you will see all arguments from many sides. Lucas has his fair share of haters, followers, and supporters (Francis Ford Coppola defends and supports Lucas throughout this film), but one thing is very clear, all of these people have a deep and undying passion for Star Wars. They’re still devoted to the films, and most people won’t let their bitter feelings for Lucas ruin the excitement, enjoyment, and love they have for Star Wars. This is one of the better documentaries I’ve seen over the years, and The People VS George Lucas did provide a great experience for me.

Final Rating: 8/10

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