Saturday, October 6, 2012

Piranha 3DD (2012)

One year has passed since the viscous piranha attacks at Lake Victoria. The small town of Arizona is a desolate wasteland, but the piranhas aren’t done yet.

One night, Clayton (Gary Busey) and Mo (Clu Gulager) find the body of a dead cow. Clayton and Mo try to remove the cow from a small lake, but this lake is close to Lake Victoria. And both men accidentally unleash a new swarm, as Piranha eggs inside the cow’s body begin to hatch.

At a nearby waterpark, Maddy (Danielle Panabaker) must fight her step-father for control. Maddy is co-owner of the waterpark, but Chet (David Koechner) is the majority owner, so he gets to make all the big deicsions. Chet will provide a hardcore section of the waterpark for adult guests. This section will feature strippers and nude women. Maddy is disgusted by Chet’s vision for the “Big Wet” (the new name of the waterpark), but Maddy will have to worry about bigger problems. Chet is illegally pumping water from an underground river. This particular flow of water runs straight into the park, and the new swarm of piranhas will have easy access for more carnage. Maddy urges Chet to close the park, but money is Chet’s #1 priority, so he refuses. Barry (Matt Bush) tries do the right thing as a friend. He lends a helping hand, but Maddy will need more than one person. A massacre is looming at the Big Wet, and the evolving piranhas eagerly await another feeding frenzy.

As far as directors go, John Gulager was the right choice for this type of film. Gulager provides a wild and brutal self-parody style of filmmaking here. You aren’t suppose to take this film seriously, and Gulager’s directing will constantly remind of you this. Gulager will never win any Academy Awards in the future, but when it comes to Piranha 3DD, the satire approach DID work.

I don’t have any major complaints about the acting. Danielle Panabaker is a decent enough leading lady, but David Koechner is the true star of the cast. Chet is a sleazy douchebag, and Koechner really nailed this character. As usual, Katrina Bowden is just eye candy, but the rest of the cast provided a nice set of believable performances. Plus, the celebrity cameos were very enjoyable. Busey doesn’t last long, but David Hasselhoff , Christopher Lloyd, and Ving Rhames are hilarious, especially Hasselhoff.

The bloody grand finale is underwhelming, but I still enjoyed Piranha 3DD. It’s a ridiculous and over the top horror comedy, and the graphic gore is still very gruesome and extreme. I can’t comment on the 3D, because I didn’t watch the 3D version. Also, don’t get your hopes up for the “double d‘s” stuff. It’s just a marketing tool to lure the nude hounds, nothing more, nothing less. If you enjoyed Piranha 3D, 3DD should provide a fun experience for you. No, Piranha 3DD doesn‘t measure up to the remake, but you can still have a good time with this one.

Oh, and for all the people, who are trashing this film...... this is a horror comedy about piranhas attacking people at a freakin’ waterpark. Did you really expect some kind of sensible story? Piranha 3DD promised more gratuitous nudity and extreme violence, and for the most part, Piranha 3DD delivered (with the exception of the “DD’s” of course). Piranha 3DD was promoted as a silly and over the top horror comedy, so if you walked away from this film with disappointed feelings, you can only point the finger at yourself.

Final Rating: 6/10

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