Friday, October 5, 2012

Hit & Run (2012)

Yul Perrkins (Dax Shepard) is trying to start a new life. Living in a witness protection program, Yul uses Charlie Bronson as an alias, and he shares a quiet and peaceful life with his girlfriend, Annie Bean (Kristen Bell). Annie receives an interview for a better job in Los Angeles, but Yul is taking a life-or-death risk, if he leaves the witness protection program. Fearing an inevitable break-up, Yul decides to drive Annie to the job interview. Yul wants to escape his past as a getaway driver for a notorious group of bank robbers, but Annie’s jealous ex-boyfriend, Gil (Michael Rosenbaum) changes everything. Determined to sabotage their relationship, Gil gives away Yul’s location via Facebook.

Alex Dimitri (Bradley Cooper) is a bitter man from Yul’s former gang, and once he receives Gil’s Facebook message, Alex decides to hunt down Yul. Yul’s testimony put Alex in jail, so of course, he’s still looking for revenge. Alex brings Neve Tatum (Joy Bryant), Yul’s ex-girlfriend/former planner for the bank robberies, and with the help of Allen (Ryan Hansen), the gang captures Yul and Annie as hostages. Yul is the only one, who knows the location for a large amount of buried cash. Randy Anderson (Tom Arnold) is the US Marshal assigned to protect Yul, and he will have to stop Alex's gang before they reach the money.

As far as acting goes, Tom Arnold is my only real complaint. Randy is a bumbling and hyper klutz, but Arnold WASN’T funny. His character is beyond annoying, and I’m surprised Arnold didn’t work another shameless pitch for True Lies 2 into the story.

Dax Shepard and Bradley Cooper provide the majority of laughs here, and Kristen Bell delivers a solid performance. David Koechner’s appearance is limited to a cameo, but his brief role as the random stranger is hilarious.

Dax Shepard wrote the screenplay for Hit & Run, and he‘s also a co-director for this film. David Palmer is the other director, and both men form a solid team here. The action sequences provide some good thrills, the car chases are filled with adrenaline, and this film delivers surprising amounts of excitement.

The jokes are hit-and-miss, and the humor side of this film is stale at times, but I still enjoyed Hit & Run. It’s a fun action comedy. This film has some problems, but Hit & Run provides a few laughs and some sporadic thrills. Dax Shepard’s career hit a rough spot after Let’s Go To Prison. It was an AWFUL comedy, and a potential career killer. Shepard hasn’t dug himself out of that deep hole yet, but Hit & Run is a step in the right direction.

Final Rating: 5/10

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