Thursday, November 15, 2012

Seven Psychopaths (2012)

Billy (Sam Rockwell) and Hans (Christopher Walken) are two dog kidnappers/con artists living in Los Angeles. Billy is an unemployed actor, who’s obsessed with the perfect ending, and Hans is an old man, who’s trying to make enough money to take care of his wife’s cancer treatments.

One day, the dog kidanpping operation takes a drastic turn for the worst, when Billy and Hans steal a Shih Tzu. The Shih Tzu belongs to a ruthless gangster named Charlie (Woddy Harrelson), and Charlie will do anything to get his dog back. Marty (Colin Farrell) is a raging alcoholic and an unsuccessful screenwriter. He’s Billy’s friend, but after an unexpected twist of fate, Marty is caught in the crossfire of Billy and Hans’ deadly dilemma with Charlie.

Director Martin McDonagh spares no expense for bloody and brutal violence. McDonagh also wrote the screenplay for this film. His directing and writing style is very similar to In Bruges (McDonagh was the writer and director for this film). Behind the camera and on paper, McDonagh takes the satire approach, and his chaotic bloodbath style is a perfect fit for Seven Psychopaths.

The cast is just excellent, and Seven Psychopaths features a good set of high quality performances. Sam Rockwell is spot on as the quirky lunatic, and Chrsitopher Walken really nails the sympathetic old man character. Farell is a believable frustrated alcoholic/writer, who’s trying to catch his first big break, and Woody Harrleson is the perfect antagonist. For the most part, Charlie is an oddball, who’s obsessed with his dog, but Harrleson also brings a genuine cold-hearted side to this character. Just pay close attention to the scene that involves Charlie and Hans’ wife at the hospital. Charlie showcases his dark side here, and you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

The jokes are hit and miss, and for me, the humor lost a lot of steam towards the end, but I still enjoyed Seven Psychopaths. It’s a bloody and violent black comedy, that features a top notch cast and colorful characters. The ending was too over the top and melodramatic for my taste, and the big final showdown is kind of corny. But Seven Psychopaths did pull a few laughs out of me every now and then, so I won’t go with a negative rating.

Final Rating: 6/10

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