Thursday, November 29, 2012

In Time (2011)

**This review contains spoilers**

Will Salas ( Justin Timberlake) and Sylvia Weis (Amanda Seyfried) go on a mission to steal time. In the future, time has become currency, and you will die, when you’re time runs out, so you need a pretty lengthy clock, if you want stay alive. Will inherits more than century’s worth of time from a wealthy man named Henry (Matt Bomer), and after Henry’s very gracious sacrifice, Will and Sylvia go on a Robin Hood like mission, as they steal time and give it to the poor citizens, who are near death.

I enjoyed In Time for the most part, but this story did have its flaws. Timberlake and Seyfried go on a time stealing spree, but their characters really didn’t think things through. Yeah, I get it, you’re trying to give time to the poor, and you want to help as many people as you possibly can, but shouldn’t you save enough time for yourself? Towards the end of this film, Seyfried and Timberlake put themselves in a position, where they don’t have enough time stay alive, and they have to fight for their lives. The dilemma is kind of stupid, because Timberlake and Seyfried had already stolen a good amount of time, so there was no real reason for the deadly situation they put themselves in at the end. Also, this film is pretty predictable, because In Time just goes through the motions, and the pacing feels a bit tedious at times.

Still, I enjoyed In Time for the most part. The acting in this film is solid, and I really enjoyed Seyfried and Timberlake here. They shared some good chemistry, and they were very enjoyable as this Bonnie and Clyde type of duo. In Time can be a fun sci-fi thriller, and the intriguing premise did hook me in. In Time can be an enjoyable film, and this one didn't disappoint me too much.

Final Rating: 5/10

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