Sunday, November 18, 2012

End Of Watch (2012)

Brian Taylor (Jake Gyllenhal) and Mike Zavala (Michael Pena) are two police officers working for the Los Angeles Police Department. Patrolling the streets of South Central LA is a risky job, but Brian tries to lighten the mood by filming daily activities for a project. Brian and Mike are trusted partners and best friends, and both men are looking forward to enjoying the new experiences in their lives. Mike and his wife, Gabby (Natalie Martinez) are expecting their first child, and Brian prepares to marry his new girlfriend, Janet (Anna Kendrick). But Brian and Mike run into some trouble, when they cross paths with a deadly Mexican drug cartel.

Director David Ayer’s rough documentary style provides strong feelings of realism for this film. Ayer’s style is natural, intense, and Endo Of Watch features some exciting action sequences.

Jake Gyllenhal and Micahel Pena share some excellent chemistry throughout this film, and both men delivered very good performances. Natalie Martinez is believable as the supportive wife, and Anna Kendrick provides an enjoyable performance. And for what it’s worth, seeing America Ferrera portray a hard ass, no-nonsense cop felt kind of weird (sorry, can’t stop thinking about Ugly Betty). Plus, David Harbour is hilarious as the disgruntled veteran.

End Of Watch is an exciting and brutal action drama. The violence is pretty graphic and bloody, and End Of Watch packs a powerful punch with a suspenseful and pulse-pounding finale. It’s definitely one of the better mainstream cop dramas I’ve seen over the years. A strong cast combined with David Ayer’s directing and writing help End Of Watch standout, and the shocking surprise at the end was a nice touch, because the “tragic deaths” stuff would’ve been too melodramatic and corny.

Final Rating: 9/10

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