Thursday, January 30, 2014

American Horror Story Coven's Season Finale

**Warning this post contains spoilers**

So last night American Horror Story wrapped up its third season with the finale of Coven, and for those of you, who don't know, I'm a HUGE fan of all things American Horror Story. Anyway, every AHS fan wanted the answer to one big question last night: Who's the new Supreme? Fiona was running out of time in the living world, and the Coven needed a new leader.

The test for the "Seven Wonders" pushed each potential candidate to their limits. Misty Day couldn't escape her personal hell for an eternity of dissecting and resurrecting frogs in her high school biology class, and Zoe suffered a gruesome death during the teleportation exercise. Members of the Coven dropped left and right like flies, and Madison Montgomery emerged as the favorite to become the new Supreme.

Myrtle called Madison's bluff during the trials, and a disgruntled Madison left the Coven....but Kyle refused a clean escape. Madison had the power to resurrect Zoe, but Madison is a selfish and egotistical brat, so she refused. Kyle couldn't handle the thought of losing the love of his life, so he murdered Madison. When all the smoke cleared, Cordelia emerged as the new Supreme, after Myrtle pushed Cordelia to compete in the trials.

Cordelia was a nice surprise as the new Supreme. Queenie was my dark horse pick with Zoe as a close number two, but I can't lie to you, because I was pulling for Madison as the next Supreme. Think about it, Madison was Fiona version 2.0. Cocky, arrogant, treacherous, and selfish. Madison as the new Supreme would be the perfect diabolical ending for AHS Coven. But AHS Coven was going for a shocker last night. With all the foreshadowing (remember Fiona killed Madison to eliminate her top threat), Madison as the next Supreme was too obvious, and you can say the same thing about Zoe.

With all that said, Cordelia was the right choice for a variety of reasons. First, Cordelia was a nice "right in front of your eyes" surprise, because no one suspected the quiet and gentle daughter of Fiona to be the next Supreme. And think about everything Cordelia had to go through throughout the season. The attack that took her eyesight, Fiona's constant abuse, Hank's betrayal, and the burden of having to play the role of peacemaker most of the time.

Cordelia suffered through hell this season, and she was on a short list of people, who were willing to risk and sacrifice (remember, she willingly blinded herself again towards the end of the season) everything for the good of the Coven. Watching Cordelia receive her well-deserved crown towards the end provided a feel-good moment for me, and Cordelia as the next Supreme is one of the more memorable satisfying pay offs for AHS.

And Cordelia was the perfect choice to represent the Coven in a new world. The Coven goes public to close out the season, and Cordelia is giving an interview to reach out to any young witches, who are afraid to emerge from the shadows. Oh, and I'm not the only one, who noticed that painting of Fiona in the background during the interview, right?

In the end, Fiona couldn't escape her heinous crimes in real life. After the tearful good bye with Cordelia, Fiona awakes to an eternity with The Axeman, a cabin full of smelly fish, and a smiling Papa Legba in the background. Myrtle made a willing choice to burn at the stake (again), so she could answer for her crimes of murder. Cordelia needed a clean slate in her mission to erase the stigma surrounding witches, and Myrtle wouldn't allow herself to hold Cordelia back. Of course, burning Myrtle alive was a  tough decision for Cordelia. As a  mother, Fiona was an overbearing and abusive bully, but Myrtle was the caring and supportive mother figure.

AHS Coven's finale provided more than enough closure for fans, and the image of Zoe and Queenie standing next to Cordelia as new members of the council is a great example. Although, I'm kind of bummed out we'll never get to see a full episode with Kyle as the new Spalding. AHS withdrawal is kicking in, and I'll have to wait until next October for more twisted spookiness and gruesome mayhem. And I hope I'm not the only one, who thought about calling the number to the Coven during Cordelia's interview..........

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