Thursday, January 9, 2014


Yep. As you can see, I just passed 20,000 pageviews, and as always, I appreciate the continued support. The TV reviews are coming soon, and soon enough, I'm going to start a review series for Paranormal Activity. And if you're wondering, yes, I will include the new prequel in this review series.

Also, I'm going to post my version for End Of The Year Awards in the near future, honoring the best of 2013, and I'm going to include a category for the worst film in 2013, but I have to catch up on the Oscar worthy stuff from last year first. Although, I'll only have one Worst category. I'll let the Razzies handle all the bashing for 2013. lol.

Thanks again, and I'm happy you take the time to read my work on here.


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