Friday, June 6, 2014

2013 End Of The Year Awards- Most Underrated Film- +1

**This post contains spoilers**

Clones? Broken relationships? Murder? A meteor that causes sporadic time warps?

Yep. Plus One is loaded with with a plethora of storylines, and Angad's (Rohan Kymal) wild house party is the stage for an unforgettable night of chaos. David (Rhys Wakefield) begs his ex-girlfriend, Jill (Ashley Hinshaw) for forgiveness after an accidental kiss with the woman, who defeated Jill in a fencing tournament.

David's best friend, Teddy (Logan Miller) chases Melanie (Natalie Hall) for a one night stand. As the outcast, Allison (Colleen and Suzanne Dengel) is struggling to find a place to fit in, and a series of clones threaten the party goers with an inevitable confrontation.

That's a lot to digest for one film, right? When the clones show up, Plus One's transition into the supernatural/sci-fi world feels awkward, because they're trying to progress and tell too many stories at once. David is trying to come up with an apology for Jill, but the sight of David disgusts Jill. Teddy's trying to comprehend the sight of the real Melanie and the cloned version of Melanie at once, and the angry loner (Allison) is stuck on the outside. Oh, and together, the party goers are trying to come up with a solution to stop, hide from, or fight the clones.

With all that said, I had a lot of fun with Plus One. It's a  trippy and bold sci-fi thriller, featuring a handful of genuinely shocking twists and turns. David murdering the real Jill in favor of the cloned Jill? Yeah, I didn't see that one coming, and Teddy doesn't walk away from the party with Melanie on one arm. Instead, the nerdy guy, who's fighting for the unobtainable perfect ten goes home empty-handed. The big showdown between the clones and the real party goers in the pool house during the finale? You can feel the chaos during the big brawl, and Plus One delivered a tense and satisfying finale, because it's impossible to predict the outcome of the fight.

Plus One isn't afraid to take chances, it's a refreshing change, and I appreciate the effort. Also, kudos to Ashley Hinshaw for the best performance, as the angry ex-girlfriend, who's fighting David's plea for a second chance. Bottom line, if you're looking for a unique experience, a wild ride, or something different, Plus One is worth a try.

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