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Trailer Park Of Terror (2008)(Spoiler Review)

**This review contains spoilers**

Norma (Nichole Hiltz) is tired of living a dead end life at her trailer park, and Norma’s new boyfriend, Aaron (Brock Cuchna) is the only ray of sunshine in her life. Aaron tries to fight off a pack of Norma’s fellow residents during a heated confrontation, but Aaron loses the fight and his life.

A distraught Norma wanders the back roads for a break. During Norma’s stroll, The Man (Trace Adkins), a mysterious stranger, offers Norma an ancient shotgun for the solution to her problems. Norma is reluctant to accept at first, but Norma’s obsession for revenge on everyone at the trailer park, who ruined her life takes over, and Norma accepts The Man’s gift.

Norma returns to the trailer park, and she uses the shotgun to murder everyone in her path. Norma annihilates every living member of the trailer park, and Norma uses propane tanks and a lit cigarette to commit suicide after the massacre. Norma and her victims disappear from the living world without a trace. As the years passed, the abandoned trailer park failed to attract any new residents, and Norma never had a shot at her chance for a fresh start.

One night, a group of troubled teens from Vertical Trinity Ministries are stuck on the road during a fierce rainstorm. Pastor Lewis (Matthew Del Negro) is responsible for watching over and protecting Bridget (Jeanette Brox), Alex (Ryan Carnes), Tiffany (Stefanie Black), Michael (Ricky Mabe), Jason (Cody McMains), and Amber (Hayley Marie Norman).

The bus trip is cut short, when Pastor Lewis crashes into a parked truck. The group is seeking shelter from the rainstorm, so they follow a sign to Norma’s abandoned trailer park, but there’s one big problem: Norma and everyone at the trailer park are lurking in the shadows. Norma offers the group ice tea as a warm gesture of hospitality, and the group unknowingly walks into a death trap.

As their zombie leader, Norma commands and controls the zombified residents of the trailer park, and Norma devises a plan to kill every member of Vertical Trinity Ministries, because Norma and her zombie followers need fresh meat………

Nichole Hiltz delivers the best performance in this cast, and it’s not even close. Hiltz is head and shoulders above everyone else, as the sassy trailer park “queen” with a dark sense of humor. Jeanette Brox’s Bridget is a distant second, and it’s not fair to judge Trace Adkins as The Man, because his screen time is limited to two appearances here. And if I had to take a guess, you could say The Man is some kind of demonic figure, or another version of the devil, who made a deal with Norma for immortality.

Clichéd characters? Yep. You’ll see plenty of them in Trailer Park Of Terror. Bridget is the angry goth kid with a chip on her shoulder. Alex is the cool rebel in the group, and he’s a bully, and Michael is the geek. And there’s no way around this, but Trailer Park Of Terror is loaded with redneck and hillbilly stereotypes (everyone in Norma’s trailer park). 

So when you weigh all the negatives and positives, Pastor Lewis and Bridget are the only two likeable characters in the group. It’s weird, because you’re supposed to have positive feelings for EVERYONE in the group. After all,  the kids at Vertical Trinity Ministries are troubled souls looking for a second chance. Jason is addicted to porn, Tiffany is fighting an addiction to drugs, Amber and Alex are rebellious punks, and Michael is trying to find himself.  For the most part (Tiffany, Michael, and Bridget are the exceptions), the kids from Vertical Trinity are portrayed as unlikable and whiny brats, who wouldn’t hesitate to spit in Pastor Lewis’ face, so it’s hard to sit back and say “I feel bad for you!” most of the time.

So who’s the sole survivor? Well, if you guessed Bridget, you’re right! Norma and her zombie crew murdered the vast majority of the Vertical Trinity Ministries group (including Pastor Lewis) for food. Unfortunately, Michael was in the wrong place at the wrong time. A speeding car hit a caged Michael, so he didn’t have a chance.

But Norma made a surprising decision to spare Bridget at the end. Bridget is all alone, and she’s surrounded by Norma and her crew. Bridget welcomed death, because she was tired of fighting and running. In the morning, Bridget wakes up in the middle of the road near Norma’s trailer park with Norma’s brand on one of her arms (it’s the letter “N” in red), and a motorist helps Bridget with a ride to the nearest hospital.

Honestly, I was 100%  sold on Bridget’s inevitable demise, but Norma’s last second change of heart was a nice surprise. Norma was looking in a mirror, when she made the choice to spare Bridget. She could see the same troubled girl, who was looking for another chance to get her life on the right track, and a generous Norma made the decision to give Bridget the second chance she never had.

After all, Norma had to endure a lot of taunting for being a promiscuous woman, and she witnessed her mother’s death. Norma’s mother was forced into a sleazy porn film with the town sheriff (Sheriff Keys), and when she tried to walk away from a promised performance, Sheriff Keys murdered her with a shot to the back of the head.

Is Trailer Park Of Terror perfect? Nope. Not by a long shot, but I still enjoyed this one. Trailer Park Of Terror is trashy, mindless fun, and this one never hides its identity as a guilty pleasure. Trailer Park Of Terror is loaded with gruesome and disgusting gore, you’ll see more than enough cringeowrthy (Miss China’s deadly massages, Alex’s death via a deep fryer during a human beef jerky preparation process, Norma beheading Pastor Lewis during intercourse, etc.) moments, and Trailer Park Of Terror’s campy and ludicrous style of humor pulled a few laughs out of me. And for what it’s worth, the production values and special effects (i.e. the scene, where Norma re-attaches her human face to hide her zombie face) are surprisingly good  for a straight-to-video film.

I’ll warn you, if you take this film too seriously there’s a good chance you’ll hate Trailer Park Of Terror with a burning white hot passion. You’ll question the logic behind a solo rock concert on top of a trailer during a chase scene, and watching the reconstruction of a dismembered zombie using duct tape will raise too many questions. If you plan on watching Trailer Park Of Terror, leave your thinking caps in another room to avoid a miserable viewing experience.

Rating: 6/10

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