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Character Spotlight- Sam- Trick 'r Treat (2007)

**This post contains spoilers**

Do you believe in Halloween? Take some time to think about your answer, because if you're leaning towards no, you'll have to deal with a visit from Sam. On Halloween night, Sam embarks on a mission to protect Halloween, and any non-believers will suffer the consequences.

Henry loves Halloween, but his wife Emma? That's a different story. Emma "hates" Halloween, and she's in a rush to remove all the decorations before her mother arrives for a visit. Sam attacks and he crucifies Emma as a scarecrow, and a devastated Henry is horrified at the sight of his wife's dismembered corpse.  

Mr. Kreeg? He's a miserable codger, who detests Halloween. Kreeg uses his dog and a mask to scare trick-or-treaters into dropping their bags of candy on his doorstep, because Kreeg wants all the candy for himself. But Sam steps in to teach Kreeg a lesson he'll never forget. Sam could've murdered Kreeg during a fight to the death, but Sam made a willing choice to spare Kreeg's life, and Sam walked away from Kreeg's house without looking back.

Sam is a pint-sized devil with a nasty mean streak, but he saves his wrath for evildoers and the non-believers on Halloween. When other supernatural forces take control and impose their will on Halloween, Sam will quietly sit back and enjoy the show. Remember the werewolf massacre during "Laurie's first" in the woods? Sam refused to step in and save Steven, because he deserved his punishment.

It might take some time, but Sam could be the next real horror icon. They pulled the plug on Jigsaw in Saw III, and we never got a chance to witness a REAL return for John Kramer. Saw 4-7 showed bits and pieces of John Kramer in flashbacks, and Saw 6 put more focus on Jigsaw with the health insurance dilemma, but that's it.

Think about it, horror needs a new icon and a fresh face. Sam is an ideal choice, as the menacing enforcer, who's determined to protect Halloween. On top of that, Trick 'r Treat has a strong cult following. Plus, a lot of Trick 'r Treat fans are foaming at the mouth for the planned sequel.

Although, it's hard to avoid a conundrum, when you start talking about horror sequels. On one hand, Sam needs more films to establish a real legacy, so we can compare, contrast, and rank Sam amongst other horror legends (Michael Myers, Freddy, Jason, etc.). You can't use two films as a legit measuring stick for a legacy, because you have to leave some room for praise AND criticisms.

The bad side? You're taking a BIG risk of devaluing the prestige of the original with too many sequels, because film series (especially horror) with too many sequels have a low success rate. Remember Halloween: Resurrection? Paranormal Activity 4? The underwhelming and unbearable Saw sequels? Sure, there's a chance we could see a Halloween 4, Halloween III: Season Of The Witch, or A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, but it's a rare occurrence nine times out of ten.

Film series don't improve with more sequels, and it's an undeniable truth that's impossible to ignore. IF we get a Trick 'r Treat III in the future, I'll keep my fingers crossed for the best (a lot of that depends on the sequel), because Sam needs to stack some more bricks on his foundation for a sturdy and valid legacy.

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