Sunday, December 8, 2013

Character Spotlight- Mahogany- The Midnight Meat Train (2008)

**This post contains spoilers**

So you see this creepy guy dressed in a sharp business suit, quietly sitting on the subway train during the midnight hours, and you're first reaction is to stay as far away as possible, while avoiding eye contact. But there's one big problem: evading Mahogany won't save your life. You can run, you can hide, but there's no escaping Mahogany's wrath.

In The Midnight Meat Train, Mahogany is a merciless murderer, who possesses superhuman strength. During the day, Mahogany works as a butcher. At night? He stalks unsuspecting victims, who board the late subway train. Here, Mahogany hacks and carves his victims, and each corpse is stored inside the messy subway car, with splatters of blood and flesh covering every section. The conductor plays the crucial role of a watchdog, while Mahogany neatly organizes and hangs each mutilated corpse like cattle in a meat locker.

Vinnie Jones is genuinely menacing and creepy as Mahogany, and Bradley Cooper is a nice fit for the pesky adversary, who won't quit. Leon (Cooper) is a struggling photographer, who relentlessly pursues Mahogany, and a sense of morality eventually overcomes Leon, so he decides to fight Mahogany one on one. Yeah, big mistake. Leon eventually gains the upper hand, and he's able to kill Mahogany, but Maya (portrayed by Leslie Bibb), the love of his life, is murdered by the mysterious conductor, who also possesses Mahogany's supernatural powers.

Watching Mahogany's death is a bummer for me. With more time, you have to believe in Mahogany having a realistic shot at becoming a memorable villain in the horror genre. Who knows? In the next five or ten years, The Midnight Meat Train could become the next horror cult classic.

Although, it's hard to ignore the potential flip-side of Mahogany's status as the next memorable baddie. In horror, more film sequels don't equal success. Hell, Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees are legendary horror icons, but we all remember Halloween: Resurrection and Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday, unfortunately. To make matters worse, Resurrection and  Jason Goes To Hell are just a few examples of one too many sequels!
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