Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Character Spotlight- Bill Robinson- Maximum Overdrive (1986)

**This post contains spoilers**

Possessed machines are taking over the world! Who's going to lead the charge to stop them? Batman? Nope. Superman? Nah. Spider-Man? Not a chance. Instead, a small band of survivors from the Dixie Boy truck stop trust Bill Robinson as the savior.

Who is Bill Robinson? Well, he didn't inherit a vast fortune, and he's not swinging around New York City. Bill is a parolee, who's forced to suffer the wrath of his tyrannical boss, Bubba Hendershot. But after a rogue comet transforms every machine on Earth into a lethal weapon, Bill has to ignore his feud with Bubba, and Bubba's scandalous policy to force all parolees to work hours off the clock, so he can save money with the payroll.

Emilio Estevez received a Razzie nomination for Worst Actor as Bill Robinson, but I still get a kick out of watching his performance in Maximum Overdrive. Estevez is a cocky Average Joe with a thick southern accent, who refuses to back down from a fight. Of course, every hero needs a partner or a sidekick, and Laura Harrington's Brett was the ideal female counterpart for Bill. Brett is a feisty and bold fighter, who won't hesitate to use her switchblade on any sleazeballs, who step out of line.

After Hendershot's death, Bill officially takes command, leading Brett and the others to the local marina to find a boat for safety. At the marina, Bill uses Hendershot's rocket launcher to destroy the menacing Green Goblin truck. Need a visual?


Bill Robinson is a rootin'-tootin' live-wire, and he's an unlikely hero, who leads the fight in a bizarre and hostile takeover. Plus, Bill has a few moments as a smooth Casanova during his scenes with Brett. Seriously, it's hard to hate a guy, who fights evil trucks and bulldozers to save the world. And he's able to snag the most beautiful woman at the Dixie Boy? Yep. Bill Robinson is one cool dude.

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