Monday, September 16, 2013

Announcement- Spoiler & Non-Spoiler Reviews!

That's right. From now on, I will be posting two sets of movie reviews for each film: ones that include spoilers, and ones with minor, or no spoilers at all. When I say minor spoilers, said review will just have a plot synopsis that introduces you to the main characters, backgrounds for the main characters, setting, and story. But I won't give away any major plot details or twists.

With minor spoiler reviews, I'll try to limit everything to what you see in the trailers and TV spots, without giving anything major away. Unless it's a trailer like Dream House, which gives away the entire movie. lol. A recent example of a completely spoiler free review would be my review of Jobs, and I'll be sure to specify which is a minor and completely spoiler free review, or if the review is full of spoilers in the sub-heading.


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